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July 18, 2014: The need for autonomous drone navigation
Comments: 0 | Categories: Personal , Reality capture , UAVs
My Quanum Nova arrived from Hong Kong, yesterday. I’d just been tracking the parcel’s progress when the doorbell rang and the postman handed it to me: he seemed surprised I didn’t mind paying the additional SFr 47 customs fee (on...

July 16, 2014: My first Autodesk 360 viewer sample
Comments: 0 | Categories: Autodesk , Graphics system , HTML , JavaScript , Morgan , REST , SaaS , Web/Tech
As mentioned last week, I’ve been having fun with Fusion 360 to prepare a model to be displayed in the new Autodesk 360 viewer. The sample is now ready to view, although I’m not yet quite ready to post the...

July 15, 2014: Updates to Memento and ReCap Studio
Comments: 0 | Categories: Point clouds , Reality capture , UAVs
The Memento team has been beavering away, delivering a number of updates containing some really interesting features that I’ve so far neglected to mention. In the latest release (hosted on Autodesk Labs on the Autodesk Feedback Community), for instance, you...

July 10, 2014: Reminder of AU 2014 advance pass availability
Comments: 0 | Categories: AU , Autodesk , Morgan , Personal
A quick reminder – as I already posted on this topic a few months ago – about the “early bird” $600 discount that’s available now – and until August 19th – for this year’s AU. It’s a great way to...

July 8, 2014: Steampunking a Morgan 3 Wheeler using Fusion 360
Comments: 0 | Categories: Graphics system , HTML , Morgan , SaaS , Solid modeling , Web/Tech
My friends in the Autodesk Developer Network team asked me to get involved with creating a sample for the API we’re planning to launch soon for the new Autodesk 360 viewer. They were quite specific about the requirements, which was...

July 4, 2014: Independence Day
Comments: 0 | Categories: Autodesk , Personal , Raspberry Pi , SaaS
Most of this week I’ve been heads-down trying to finish a sample demonstrating the API that’s coming for the new Autodesk 360 viewer (of which we saw a sneak peek in this recent post), so today I don’t have much...

July 2, 2014: Embedding a map image in an AutoCAD drawing using .NET
Comments: 0 | Categories: AutoCAD , AutoCAD .NET , Geo-location
In this recent post we saw how to set our geographic location inside an AutoCAD drawing – essentially geo-referencing the model it contains – programmatically. In today’s post we’re going to capture a section of the displayed map and embed...

June 30, 2014: Autonomous drone navigation for Autodesk Photo on ReCap 360
Comments: 0 | Categories: Geo-location , Reality capture , Robotics , UAVs
I’ve been getting very interested in the field of autonomous robot navigation, of late. I own a couple of different robots: while I haven’t quite gotten around to buying a robotic vacuum cleaner, I’ve had an autonomous lawn mower for...

June 27, 2014: ReCap API article on ProgrammableWeb
Comments: 0 | Categories: Autodesk , Reality capture , SaaS , Web/Tech
Just a quick post to finish up the week: over on ProgrammableWeb, there’s a nice article talking about the new ReCap Photo Web API and how a number of developers are making use of it to drive interesting new categories...

June 26, 2014: Attaching geo-location data to an AutoCAD drawing using .NET
Comments: 0 | Categories: AutoCAD , AutoCAD .NET , Geo-location , Geometry , Graphics system
AutoCAD’s geo-location API is a topic I’ve been meaning (and even promising) to cover for some time now. So here we are. :-) The below code sample is based on one shown at ADN’s DevDays tour at the end of...

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