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July 15, 2014

Updates to Memento and ReCap Studio

The Memento team has been beavering away, delivering a number of updates containing some really interesting features that I’ve so far neglected to mention.

In the latest release (hosted on Autodesk Labs on the Autodesk Feedback Community), for instance, you can now access point cloud data via RCP export, as well as being able to generate 3D reconstructions with “Ultra” quality and smart textures (these are features you’d normally have to pay for when using Photo on ReCap 360, but this is being provided for free while it’s still on Autodesk Labs).

Here’s a quick reverse chronological look at recent releases of Project Memento:

  • (7/10/14)
    • ’Ultra’ quality for the photo-to-mesh reconstruction ***
    • ’Smart Texture’ option in the photo-to-mesh reconstruction ***
    • RCP Export
    • Export: Reporting polygon count in the export dialog
    • Export: Decimation control (0-99%) in the export dialog
    • Other minor fixes and general stability
      ***(both Ultra quality mode as well as Smart textures are available at no charge in Memento given that the product is still a Labs product)
  • (6/18/14)
    • Batch auto-fix defects
      • Batch fix holes and islands only, for now. This is, however, a first important step to make the fixing of badly created models that have many errors (meshes that often come from existing laser scans or CAT scan to mesh software packages), much easier and faster
    • New tools in the 3D printing environment
      • Automatic alignment to the base plane at first entering of the 3D print environment (if applicable)
      • Interactive orientation of the model in the 3d print envelope – just use your mouse to orient the model
      • Scale to fit within the printer bounds
    • More reporting tools around 3D printing
      • We can now calculate and report the volume of the print material and the support material used in the printing (the latter, the support material we only report for 3D printers that do full support, such as OBJET). You will notice that for all other printers, the print material data for the support will not be available
  • (5/7/14)
    • Full resolution 3D Print environment
      • You can now select a 3D printer you will be printing on, see the bed size of the relevant printer and how your mesh fits into it, scale the model for printing, hollow, set units etc. – all now natively in the Memento environment – and 3D print your models at best possible resolution that your printer is capable of printing
    • Improved in-canvas visualization of models
    • Resizing brush size now has exposed UI component
      • It’s now easier to change the brush size, which is crucial to successful healing and fixing. Upon selection of the brush tool (right mouse click, Select, Brush) you will now see a slider that controls the brush size. (You can also resize the brush using the brackets [ and ], as well as Alt + mouse wheel.) These are different temporary options that we have now, that are going soon to be consolidated in a final design that will be exposed UI with more sophisticated wheels.
    • We also used the opportunity to fix some reported bugs and continue with performance improvements
    • Fix for the Heartbleed vulnerability

I expect to be using Memento more as soon as my new drone arrives (it’s in the country according to the package tracking, at least!).

Regarding the other product update mentioned in the title, there’s a hotfix posted for ReCap Studio which includes these fixes, according to the release notes:

  • Manual Stitch: improvements to increase general stability
  • Manual Stitch: a magnifier is displayed in the opposite panel to help correctly place the point in the second image
  • Keep dialog open in case of submission error message
  • Sharing option correctly displayed (download and download & update)
  • Allow free resubmission on a failed ultra project
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