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July 30, 2013

Autodesk Exchange Apps Portathon: code for cash!

Another bit of news from while I was out on vacation – so my apologies if this is old news for you, personally – the ADN team is running a Portathon on September 13-14, 2013 to encourage developers to get their apps posted on Autodesk Exchange. You do not have to be an ADN member to participate and neither do you need to pay in any way (other than with your time and effort).

Autodesk Exchange Apps Portathon

In fact there’s even a financial incentive for participants: for the first 5 apps per developer that get accepted in the Exchange Store – and be sure to read the eligibility requirements, in case you were hoping to game the system with a bunch of fart apps – they’ll receive $100 per app. To avoid the mathematically challenged having to reach for their calculators, that means you could receive up to $500 from Autodesk for participating in the event! :-)

There’s a reason a specific 48-hour window has been announced for the Portathon: members of the DevTech team with in-depth knowledge of developing apps for the various Autodesk products with Exchange Stores will be available online – around the clock – during the event to help you overcome any technical hurdles you might hit while developing and submitting your apps. But that doesn’t mean you can’t work on your apps in the meantime, of course (in fact you’ll probably need to start much sooner if you’re hoping to have the maximum number accepted), and any apps you submit prior to the event will also be eligible.

Be sure to register if you want to take part!

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