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March 07, 2013

Geneva Motor Show 2013

As I had to meet someone at Geneva airport, this morning, I decided to kill two birds with one stone and spend a few hours visiting the 83rd International Motor Show.

The show opened its doors to the public, today, and includes such stunning vehicles as the $4.6 million Lamborghini Veneno:

Lamborghini Veneno

Yes, that wasn’t a typo. This car would set you back the best part of $5 million. Ouch.

I went quickly past most of the stands, though, and spent most of my time at Morgan Motor Company’s. As I’ve mentioned before, MMC is a big user of Autodesk software. I also happen to like their cars a great deal.

Here’s a shot of their line-up of Morgans, including the 4/4, Plus 4 and 4 Seater (I think):

A row of Morgan 4-4s

The one nearest the camera has a Morgan Two strapped to the back:

One with a Morgan Two attached

MMC has a couple of beautiful Aeros – a Supersports and a Coupe – on their stand, too:

Aero Supersports and Coupe

Beautiful, but still outside my price-range (albeit a lot closer than the Veneno ;-).

I spent most time with my personal favourite, the 3 Wheeler:

Two 3 Wheelers

I had some fun trying one out for size (even if not taking it for a spin):

Feels good

Another shot in the 3 Wheeler

It’s clearly inspiring to know Autodesk software is used to design bridges and hospitals, but I love knowing it’s used to design Morgan cars, too. :-)

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