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February 01, 2013

3D printing Star Wars weaponry using an AutoCAD model

Being a bit of a Star Wars fan, I was delighted to come across this blog post by former MakerBot employee Todd Blatt (now working at Custom 3D Stuff), who modeled an Imperial Scout Trooper Blaster in AutoCAD for 3D printing.

You can download the STL output and the original DWG file from here. Here’s a view on the finished gun with the “shades of gray” visual style:

Imperial Scout Blaster inside AutoCAD - shades of gray

And here’s one that’s “realistic” with a nice metallic material applied to it:

Imperial Scout Blaster inside AutoCAD - realistic

3D printing functional weapon parts is clearly a contentious subject – which, according to some, may sadly lead to the industry being legislated – but all this is just a bit of harmless fun by enthusiasts who like to dress up. I’m all for it!

Scout Trooper with Blaster

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