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January 23, 2013

AU 2012 class recordings now available online

Vocal MicrophoneThis week has so far had an AU theme to it, just as last week we talked exclusively about Leap Motion and AutoCAD. Perhaps I’m sub-consciously shifting this blog to a weekly-themed format? Hmm.

Like many of you, I’m sure, I received an email over the weekend to let me know that the recorded sessions from Autodesk University 2012 are now available online (for anyone with a valid AU online account).

I wasn’t sure which of my sessions had made it up there from this last year’s event (thank goodness I rarely have to write cheques anymore), and so was reasonably happy to find out that “Moving Code to the Cloud: It's Easier Than You Think” and “Secure Your AutoCAD® Environment” (unsurprisingly, really, as it’s a virtual session) have both been posted. My best-rated session from last year’s AU (“Developing a Simple Metro-Style Application for Microsoft® Windows® 8”) wasn’t recorded, but that’s how it goes. Maybe that’s why it received better feedback. :-)

There is loads of great content up there on the AU Online site. I strongly recommend checking out the content from the other members of my team who presented at AU 2012, for instance, even if these particular sessions were unfortunately also not recorded:

Please feel free to post comments with links to other sessions that people might find of interest (posting links to your own is fine, too, as long as they’re at least vaguely development-focused). I know the ADN team presented many well-received and valuable sessions at AU 2012, for instance.

photo credit: SimonDeanMedia via photopin cc

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