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December 17, 2012

Midlife crisis planning

As I inexorably head towards the end of my 30s (just a few months to go, now), I feel more and more justified to get cracking on a proper midlife crisis. And I’ve been told that to get the most out of a good crisis, you really need to invest in at least a little crisis planning. :-)

My most recent bout of rumination kicked off at AU2012, when – to my huge surprise – I stumbled across a new Morgan 3 Wheeler. Here’s a picture of the car with Jon Wells, the Senior Designer at Morgan Motor Company Ltd., who also happened to speak at this year’s AU:

Jon Wells with the Morgan 3 Wheeler

Now I’m the first to admit I’m not hugely bothered about cars. I’ve had good cars and bad, over the years, and I’m not someone who obsesses about engine specifications, etc. But I’ve dreamed of owning a Morgan – and of the three-wheeled variety – since I can remember, and the fact that they’re now being made again after a 60-year hiatus, no-less, is simply fantastic news.

The above model – and the one that I’m most tempted by – is the Superdry Edition, of which they’re only making 200. If you’d like to see a little more about how these beautiful machines were designed (with heavy use of Alias, Showcase and 3ds Max along the way) and built, you should check out this video:

Before coming across the image of Jon and the Gumball 3000-winning 3 Wheeler, I reached out via Twitter to see if anyone had any snaps. A big thanks to Erin Berlie and Marielle Covington for providing these shots for inclusion in this post:

Morgan 2 Wheeler - from front

Morgan 3 Wheeler - from rear

Morgan 3 Wheeler - really from rear

Morgan 3 Wheeler - cockpit

[For those of you who have never been to Las Vegas, you may well be marveling at the carpet design. This article has some interesting information (and a conspiracy theory or two) regarding the deliberate choice of ugly carpeting in Las Vegas casinos.]

Marielle also kindly pointed me at this Facecast, where Jon goes into some detail on MMC’s use of Autodesk software:

Now whether all this dreaming actually results in anything concrete remains to be seen. But it’s certainly fun to dream!

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