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May 21, 2012

Manufacturing DevBlog

Some time ago I mentioned the launch of ADN's DevBlogs, and followed up, last week, with the announcement that the AEC version had launched.

Now that we have DevBlogs covering AutoCAD, Infrastructure Modeling and our AEC products, it’s only natural that we launch a Manufacturing DevBlog.

Manufacturing DevBlog

Brian has mentioned it, over on his blog, too. Those of you working with Inventor, in particular, should be sure to bookmark Brian & Wayne’s Mod the Machine blog as well as the Manufacturing DevBlog (after a period of relatively low activity, things have definitely picked up over at MtM).

It’s great to see these blogs launched, and I know they’ll be a great resource for developers. I’m already finding that the availability of AutoCAD-related developer content on another Autodesk blog is freeing me up to tackle quite different topics (which are more aligned with my new role but also a little more forward-looking).

If you do have topics related to our products that you’d like to see addressed, be sure to keep letting me know. I can very easily pass them on to the ADN team, should it make more sense for someone in that team to tackle them.

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