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January 18, 2012

Russian Homestyler ready for testing

Russian HomestylerI mentioned some time ago that our Localization Services (LS) team was embarking on a community-based translation of Homestyler into Russian.

The fruits of this labour are now ready for testing: the various translation projects, for the application, for its content and for supporting web-pages are now 100% complete. But that’s not to say things haven’t been missed or mis-translated, so we would love to get feedback from Russian speakers on the quality of the work performed.

The below information has been provided by our LS team for people who are interested in taking Russian Homestyler for a spin (and ideally providing feedback, of course).

Be warned that these steps involve editing a core system file, and so clearly require a certain level of comfort with making such changes as well as appropriate permissions on your testing machine.

  1. Open the following file with a text editor (requires administrator privileges):


  1. Add the following entries to the file:

  1. Open this page in your browser.
  2. Choose Russian from the language drop-down in the top right corner:

Choosing a language

You should then be able to use the Homestyler application – just as you would in English – but with the various parts of the product translated into Russian:

Russian Homestyler in action

To provide feedback on the quality of the translated products, please send us an email. If you’re reporting a problem, please make sure your email contains this information:

  • Steps to Reproduce
  • Browser/Platform
  • Image (a screenshot of the issue)
  • Additional comments/input

And finally, a huge thanks to the top community contributors to this translation effort. Without your efforts this groundbreaking project would not have been a success!

  • AdamSavage
  • Baktior
  • YarMike
  • perevod
  • AnanyevVN
  • Lena.Talkhina
  • VladSh
  • snegopad1
  • molibden
  • aleksandr.sett


The Russian version of Homestyler has now joined the list of official languages in the product, so there's no need to follow steps 1-3 above to gain access to it (simply click here).

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