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January 12, 2012

A new Autodesk blog on partnering: Dances with Elephants

ElephantI’m delighted to be announcing that Jim Quanci, Director of the Autodesk Developer Network, has started a blog on partnering with large companies such as Autodesk: Dances with Elephants. I know Jim has been considering writing a blog for some time, and I’m really happy he’s managed to find the time in his busy schedule to get this one going.

I’ve worked with Jim pretty much since I started at Autodesk, and have reported directly to him for the last 6.5 years (although that will change in a few short weeks). I’m definitely going to miss being part of his team – and having him as a boss – but I fully expect to be in regular contact with him in my new role, and may even see him more often, depending on the frequency of my trips to the Bay Area.

Be sure to bookmark Jim’s blog and check it from time to time – I have no doubt it’ll be a great read, whether you’re currently partnering with Autodesk, considering doing so, or just have an interest in understanding the dynamics between independent software developers and their platform providers.

photo credit: jidanchaomian via photopin cc

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