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December 10, 2010

Some content from AU 2010

As many of you may now be aware, much of the content recorded at this year’s Autodesk University is now available on the AU website.

You’ll find the recording of my AU Virtual session, “Getting to Know the AutoCAD® Plug-ins of the Month”, as well as material from the two physical sessions I presented, “Point Clouds on a Shoestring” and “Integrate F# into Your C# or VB.NET Application for an 8x Performance Boost”. In fact, much to my surprise, the “Point Clouds on a Shoestring” session (which turned out to be my highest-rated session) ended up being recorded, and can be watched online or downloaded and watched offline. I had no idea that was happening, but I’m very happy it’s up there. Thinking back, it does explain a couple of strange interactions I had with the technical staff supporting the event, who were clearly aware the recording was going to happen. :-)

I also participated in a couple of panel sessions: “AutoCAD® APIs: Meet the Experts” (which was recorded) and “Ask the AutoCAD® Programming Gurus” (which was not).

On a related note, Stephen Preston, our DevTech Americas Manager, recorded his two classes from AU using Camtasia and has posted them as DevTV sessions for your viewing pleasure:

AutoCAD® .NET: Practical Examples of Customizing AutoCAD Entity Behavior

View Download (53.1MB) Handout & Samples (7.95MB)
Creating Geometric and Dimensional Constraints Using the AutoCAD® .NET API View Download (47.4MB) Handout & Samples (864KB)

Stephen went ahead and recorded the first one – his AU Virtual class – because the session recording unfortunately missed some important slides, switching instead to the video feed of his face, but he also recorded it before he realised the content would be posted to the AU website. The second of the two was not recorded during the event, so it’s particularly useful that he’s taken the time to get that captured and posted. For more information on Stephen’s second session, you can also see the information posted on the AU website.

Enjoy! :-)


I wasn’t sure who exactly was eligible to view the content on AU Online, but Stephen pointed out a way for me to check. It seems that the material is only available to Autodesk Subscription customers, AU 2010 conference attendees and AU 2010 Virtual Premier registrants. Stephen’s content is completely public, however.

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