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February 19, 2010

The Stephen and Fenton Show: ADN DevCast Episode 1

You may or may not be aware that my team, DevTech, writes and publishes DevNotes on the ADN website, answers support questions submitted by ADN members using a tool we call DevHelp Online, records DevTV sessions, participates in events known as DevLabs, talks about our upcoming products at DevDays and delivers API training. (Seems like we need to get the branding police to work on that last one. :-)

So, in keeping with our theme we have started a new activity…

I’m proud (and not unamused, which is putting it mildly) to announce our first DevCast. Recorded recently by Stephen Preston and Fenton Webb from DevTech Americas (and yes, like me they both hail from the UK, as you will most likely be able to tell from their accents), this DevCast talks about some useful programming tips (such as using smart pointers in ObjectARX), some handy development tools (such as ArxDbg, MgdDbg and Inspector) and includes some live footage taken at the recent DevLab held in San Francisco, showing off some interesting work being done by developers working with AutoCAD.

It’s around 45 minutes in length, which is perhaps a touch long for a classic podcast, but there’s a lot of great stuff in there: even with my admittedly shrinking attention span I sat through the entire show in one sitting.

A quick side comment… in case you’re unfamiliar with Stephen’s legendarily dry sense of humour, I need to point out that Stephen and Fenton were not being entirely sincere in their comments about me (I’m really not that good at football, for instance ;-).

Anyway, enough with the introduction. Sit back and enjoy our first ADN DevCast, and be sure to let us know whether you like it and whether you have suggestions for future episodes.

The Stephen and Fenton Show - ADN DevCast Episode 1

You can also download this episode for offline viewing (92.8MB).

As mentioned earlier, there are some handy tools used in this episode:

All of these tools are provided "as is", bugs included.

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