Through the Interface: Free webcast on AutoCAD VBA to .NET Migration

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October 19, 2009

Free webcast on AutoCAD VBA to .NET Migration

Sorry for the late notice on this one… I’d have posted sooner but for having taken some time off, last week, to take the family to Disneyland Paris. Now I just need a few more days of vacation to recover. :-S :-)

Tomorrow there’s a free webcast showing how to migrate your VBA code to use VBA.NET. The content focuses primarily on the use of COM Interop to quickly get your VBA code working from VB.NET, building on the DevTV session mentioned previously and using its accompanying migration tool.

The session will be taking place at 8am Pacific/10am Eastern/4pm in the UK/5pm in Central Europe, on October 20, 2009.

To register, please go to our API training schedule (also accessible via As usual, we will be posting links to the recording of this session on the API training schedule page, in case you’re not able to attend at such short notice.

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