Through the Interface: F# - a perfect fit for AutoCAD .NET programming?

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October 31, 2007

F# - a perfect fit for AutoCAD .NET programming?

I've just come across the announcement for F#, and am pretty excited about it. Here's the link to Soma's blog, and here's the Microsoft Research F# site.

F# is a functional programming language. Functional programming has a long association with technical computing, one of the reasons LISP was chosen as the initial programming interface for AutoCAD. On a personal note: aside from the work I've done with LISP over the years, I also studied an obscure functional language called Miranda during my university days and have since worked a lot with XSLT (which is at least influenced by functional languages).

So I'm keen to get my hands on F# and take it for a spin within AutoCAD (there's nothing to say it won't work, but then I haven't tried it, as yet :-).


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